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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 at 7:17 am
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ClickPotato description

ClickPotato is an annoying adware targeting cinema lovers. Click Potato spreads via deceptive ads that offer watching the latest movies online.

ClickPotato lurks on fraudulent websites that offer pirated movies. If a visitor wants to watch a movie, he is required to download a “video codec”. The video codec is actually the ClickPotato malware. It is dedicated to deliver unwanted advertisements. Some of them may lead to malicious or fraudulent websites. Even when the “codec” is installed, victims of this fraud still can’t watch any movie without the annoying advertisements. ClickPotato may also install a screensaver and it may change your home page.

How to manually remove ClickPotato

To remove ClickPotato spyware you must block ClickPotato sites, stop and remove processes, unregister DLL files, search and delete all other ClickPotato files and registry utility. Follow the ClickPotato detection and removal instructions below.

The most typical software removal method is to remove ClickPotato by using "Add or Remove Programs" service. However there may be hidden ClickPotato files, running processes and registries in your computer, so ClickPotato may recreate all other files after reboot.

ClickPotato manual removal instructions

Stop and remove ClickPotato processes:
Read more how to kill ClickPotato processes

Locate and delete ClickPotato registry entries:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\Firefox\Extensions\"" = "%ProgramFiles%\ClickPotatoLite\bin\[VERSION NUMBER]\firefox\extensions"
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extensions\{B58926D6-CFB0-45d2-9C28-4B5A0F0368AE}
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Low Rights\ElevationPolicy\{A078F691-9C07-4AF2-BF43-35E79EECF8B7}
Read more how to delete ClickPotato registry entries
Download RegistryBooster 2010 to scan errors caused by ClickPotato

Search and unregister ClickPotato DLL libraries:
Read more how to unregister ClickPotato DLL files

Detect and delete other ClickPotato files:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ClickPotatoLiteSA\ClickPotatoLiteSA.dat
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ClickPotatoLiteSA\ClickPotatoLiteSAAbout.mht
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ClickPotatoLiteSA\ClickPotatoLiteSAau_update.dat
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ClickPotatoLiteSA\ClickPotatoLiteSAEULA.mht
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ClickPotatoLiteSA\ClickPotatoLiteSA_kyf_update.dat
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\ClickPotato\About Us.lnk
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\ClickPotato\ClickPotato Customer Support.lnk
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\ClickPotato\ClickPotato Uninstall Instructions.lnk
%ProgramFiles%\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\npclntax_ClickPotatoLiteSA.dll
%ProgramFiles%\ClickPotatoLite\bin\[VERSION NUMBER]\ClickPotatoLiteSA.exe
%ProgramFiles%\ClickPotatoLite\bin\[VERSION NUMBER]\ClickPotatoLiteSAAX.dll
%ProgramFiles%\ClickPotatoLite\bin\[VERSION NUMBER]\ClickPotatoLiteSABHO.dll
%ProgramFiles%\ClickPotatoLite\bin\[VERSION NUMBER]\ClickPotatoLiteSAHook.dll
%ProgramFiles%\ClickPotatoLite\bin\[VERSION NUMBER]\ClickPotatoLiteUninstaller.exe
%ProgramFiles%\ClickPotatoLite\bin\[VERSION NUMBER]\firefox\extensions\install.rdf
%ProgramFiles%\ClickPotatoLite\bin\[VERSION NUMBER]\firefox\extensions\plugins\npclntax_ClickPotatoLiteSA.dll

We strongly recommend you to use spyware remover to track ClickPotato and automaticaly remove ClickPotato processes, registries and files as well as other spyware threats.

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  1. tanya

    i deleted clickpotato from my control panel is it definitely gone from my hard drive as well

  2. Cassie

    I was able to use control panel to uninstall as well. Plus, while I had click potato running, my volume control from my keyboard was not working properly. I’m not sure Spyware Doctor actually removes malware for free.

    Luciana Reply:

    You can only uninstall legitimate programs using “Add/remove programs” on the Control Panel. ClickPotato is not a legitimate program, it’s a computer infection. That is why that option does not work.

    Samedi Reply:

    Well, none of the above files are found after i uninstalled the program.

  3. Fever5007

    Gets rid of it
    Not a bad idea to use a good registry cleaner
    Just to be safe
    Had never heard of it
    I found it on a friends laptop I was reworking

  4. John Adams

    Why would you people be so stupid as to download an EXECUTABLE file in order to watch a “free” movie? Why do you think they lured you to do this? Because they love you?

    Derek Reply:

    because they’re stupid. why else?

    Ren Reply:

    I was trying to download a codec for XviD. Real player told me I needed a video codec and redirected me to where I had unfortunately downloaded the file. Turns out the real website was Real should really change that.

    Tom Reply:

    Same thing here, i was downloading an xvid codec also when clickpotato got me

    CJ Reply:

    Yes – this is exactly what happened with me. I trusted it because I was directed there by RealPlayer. It did download the codec I needed, but I noticed it was installing ClickPotato and immediately did a search to see what it was. It was only on my computer for about 10 minutes, and the Control Panel uninstall worked – I can’t find any residual ClickPotato files as described above.

    redthbka Reply:

    Aw, come on.. When I downloaded it of course I didn’t think that way..
    I was REALLY desperate to watch a particular TV series and I didn’t think
    there’d be a virus.. We’re not stupid, just ignorant.

    Tommy C Reply:

    It now comes as a package with VLC. You cannot choose not to download it. consequently i chose to find an easy way of ridding myself it. Stupidity is not the only reason for ending up with this affliction

    Luciana Reply:

    Make sure you download software from its official website or legitimate distributor.

  5. Arian Shalizi

    WTF!!! everytime i try to uninstall click potato it says “no service was selected for removal”

    what do i do?!

    Luciana Reply:

    This happens because ClickPotato is not a real program, it’s malware. It’s can not be uninstall like a regular program because it is not one of regular applications. Run an antispyware scan to make sure ClickPotato is removed.

  6. john5756

    it didnt look like a virus to me and i deleted it usin add-remove and had no more problems

  7. Ward

    Beware! This how clcik potato would up on my computer. I happened to notice the click potato icon in my task bar, and once I did a little research to find out what it was, I immediately removed it from my program list via add/remove programs in windows XP. Next, I ran a windows spyware removal program to ensure all was well.

  8. atom ant

    uhhg thank you guys so much…

  9. David

    It’s not in my registry, but it’s still installed, what to do?

    Luciana Reply:

    Run anti-spyware scan, preferably in a safe mode.

  10. Tommy

    I quit before the thing could be fully isntalled, I’ve just removed it using add or remove programs and it seems to have gone. Is there anything else I can do to be sure it’s gone? Thanks.

  11. Liam

    A little more difficult but more efficient than getting more software to get rid of other software, go into the “my computer” menu and click on the drive labeled “C:”. A bunch of files will pop up labeled in alphabetical order. Find the folder that says “Program files” or if on a windows 7 “Program files x86″ and in there, you should find a folder called “Click Potato Lite” this is the source of your problem. First, make sure your other accounts are logged off, then press “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “Del” or “Delete” and this should open the task manager. Click on the tab on the top that says, “Processes” and find in the little menu below the tabs for something like “Clickpotatolite.exe” or something along those lines. Once the letters are in blue, click the “End Process” button. X out and go back to where the “Click Potato Lite” folder is and you can now delete it. There, problem solved.

    chavi Reply:

    thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much… i wasnt allowed to download any program cause it could be a virus, so this was perfect for me

    annie Reply:

    cheers , helped me too!

    peter Reply:

    Thanks process wasn’t running so deleted the folder and it seemed to work


    jared Reply:

    I cant find it in my program files nor the registry nor in processes, yet microsoft security essentials keeps detecting it cleans it and a few days later detects again

    LSG Reply:

    Well, I tried that but couldn’t find “clickpotatolite.exe” in task manager. “Click potato lite” folder is in the C drive but I can’t find it in task manager. Does that mean that all I have to do is delete the folder?

    Luciana Reply:

    Yes, delete the folder

    janet Reply:

    thank you for this help

    Bob Reply:

    It says I need permission to delete the file…? I already ended the process in the task manager

    Jon Reply:

    i had the same problem as you you^^^^^^^^^
    if you go further into the folder “Click Potato Lite” until you see a group of files. 2 files will have the same icon Click Potato icon. click the one that says uninstall. it will close open folder windows and uninstall. restart and that’s it.

    Jenn Reply:

    Very helpful instructions. Thanks a million!

    Maddi Reply:

    Fixed! Thanks so much for instructions us non IT literates can follow. Every step, just how you said, sorted it. Very pleased. Thanks Liam!

    Amanda Reply:


    Chris Reply:

    This seems to have worked, knock on wood! The last thing I need is adware on my only working laptop, especially during writing season!

    Amanda Reply:

    It still won’t work, I went furthur into the file and clicked on the uninstall one like you said and it said a unknown program wants to access your computer and it says allow or cancel so I clicked allow and it still said I don’t have permission…why won’t it work for me :(

    sj Reply:

    thanks alot wowww worked for me :)

    norma picard Reply:

    thank you so much i was getting ready to restore my laptop. click potatoe cuz me nothing but problems. i also know how to delete other problems that i didn’t know how to before thank you again.

  12. dav

    thank u worked perfectly

  13. Joe

    My computer won’t let me delete this file…it denies me access to the recycle bin! Any suggestions?

  14. christen

    process wasnt running, tried to delete clickpotatolite folder and it said “need permission to delete” and wont delete…

  15. Yemom

    I tried following the process but it now tells me I don’t have permission. I am the only user. What do I do know?

    Luciana Reply:

    Use the account which has administrator rights.

  16. Bob

    Use Shift + Del to delete it, it permits you to get rid of it without passing by the trash can.
    Poof, magic ;)

  17. John

    I got lucky – Add/Remove worked for me in Win 7.

    If all else fails, try rebooting in Safe Mode (XP) or Safe Mode Command prompt (Win 7). In the command window type MRT to run Malware Removal Tool from Microsoft. Free downloadable or just turn on Auromatic updates. It will run for hours, and while the reporting feature isn’t too good, it is a great computer cleaner. My computer ran noticably faster after I ran it.

    To re-boot in safe mode, reboot and as soon as the first boot screen is displayed (white letters on black background) press F8 every second until the boot menu is displayed. Arrow key to select mode and press enter. Good luck.

  18. Nette

    I join the ignorant, not stupid, who downloaded clickpotato as they were
    The only ones who supposedly had a PBS show I have been looking for for several years. All I got was pop-ups and no promised PBS show. Tried add/remove, no luck. Did Liam’s method- seems to have worked like a charm. Thanks, Liam!

  19. Nette

    Post note-restarted my computer. Clickpotato is gone on the task bar, program files in c drive list but still is on my “all programs” list off the start menu. Does that mean it’s still in there? Just paranoid!!

  20. pjp

    microsoft security essentials detected this clickpotato and gave me a 1 click solution i just had to click clean computer and it deleted it for me

    beenthere Reply:

    you might want to make sure that it is actually gone. some viruses seem to be deleted by antivirus software, but keep coming back when the computer is restarted because the virus modifies the registry to redownload/install the virus.

  21. KH

    I have also been very stupid and downloaded Clickpotato. I appear to have deleted the files from the computer but will keep an eye to make sure the virus doesn’t keep re-appear. However I more concerned about the information Click Potato could have taken whilst it was installed – can anyone advise if I am at risk from personal details/password etc been taken or does Clickpotato operate by directing you to 3rd party websites? I first noticed Clickpotato when I logged into my online banking website and a pop-up window appeared trying to direct me to a fake Natwest credit score website. For peace of mind I have changed my passwords, but need to understand if I should be changing passwords for my other bank accounts/emails etc.

  22. aiin

    I removed it from my Add/Remove Programs but it is still in my C: . I tried deleting but it says access denied. Man this ClickPotato is making my life hard.

  23. walt

    I have also downloaded it one hour ago, but I found out quickly that it was harmfull, so I did what liam and Jon said. I deleted the process at the task manager, but then I still couldn’t delete the folder, so I did what Jon said and went into the “click potato lite” folder and uninstalled it. Now the folder is gone from program files. I haven’t had any advertisements, or changes to my homepage or screensaver yet, but maybe that’s because it needs time. How long does it take before the trouble starts? And did I get rid of it this way?

  24. Katee

    I went under My Computer, then at the top it says Uninstall/Change programs. I had to log everyone off the computer first then I uninstalled Click Potato. Before that, I deleted the folder. Also, it had me restart the computer.

  25. unknown(l.p)

    i tried downloading a bot for a game but then it turns out it was a clickpotato. i got notified by my virus scanner thing

  26. Schmitty

    Never “run” an exe. file. Always “save” it to your desktop and then right click on it and select your security software to scan the file before running it.

  27. Joe

    I havent clicked any ads but does this contain any keyloggers? i used 2 credit cards since getting it…..

  28. Lee Nichols

    Liam, you are a rare and special person. Thank you.

  29. hmmfomtgal

    My bro downloaded this to watch old pokemon episodes and everytime the computer goes on sleep mode (not normal sleep mode, just when you leave it alone for a while) the click potato brings up unwanted videos. And then everytime I go to another page an add pops up saying that its spounsered by click potato. I HATE it cuz for a while i couldn’t use the computer and i was bored for a long time. but then my mom got it to work a little. But I don’t get the instructions do you just type them in when the computer starts up? plz help im only 12!

  30. N

    hi Guys,

    Thank you so much for this info…I really need further help since I am stuck on quite a few steps in this. I HATE CLICKPOTATO!!

    Well…first, I followed your instructions step by step and I have the following troubles:

    1) I am unable to locate these 2 files in the registry and hence I am unable to delete them. Is that okay or am I missing something? The files that I cant find are:

    a) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Low Rights\ElevationPolicy\{A078F691-9C07-4AF2-BF43-35E79EECF8B7}

    b) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\PreApproved\{69725738-CD68-4f36-8D02-8C43722EE5DA}

    However, I was able to find the other files on your list and have deleted them with no probs..

    2) Also, I am stuck on the next step. I am unable to search and unregister ClickPotato Dll library files. I followed the instructions on unregistering the dll files and when I did it in the cmd prompt, I receive the following error msg:

    “The module “filename.dll” failed to load.
    Make sure the binary is stored at the specified path or debug it to check for problems with the binary or dependent .DLL files.
    The specified module could not be found.”

    From the above message, I understand that I need to find the path of these dll files. How do I find that? When I tried searching, its showing that there are no results found!! Could the files be hidden? I also tried checking “show hidden files” and searched and still cant find the path. How do I overcome this problem?

    3) Now I also have troubles in the last step where I am needed to delete the files you have mentioned. First of all I am unable to open “Documents and Settings” (under C:/) and I receive “Access Denied” message. Well…click potota is getting to my nerve now…I realise that some virus and spyware tend to do this. So, I started deleted the files via DOS. I was able to delete most of the files in the list you have given, except for the following 3 that I am unable to delete even via DOS.

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\ClickPotato\About Us.lnk
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\ClickPotato\ClickPotato Customer Support.lnk
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\ClickPotato\ClickPotato Uninstall Instructions.lnk

    When I try to delete the above 3 files, I am getting the “Access Denied” message in DOS as well. SO, I also tried to attribute by typing: attrib -r -h -s filename and it is still “Access Denied”. There is nothing I can do to delete these..

    So, please help…I have been doing this the whole day and I am so pissed off at this clickpotato..

    I would very much appreciate any help…



  31. N

    Hi all,

    This is further to my last post i just did since I was having trouble trying to delete a few files…After a bit more research on the internet, I was able to find the solutions for the last trouble I had:

    Problem: Unable to delete the Clickpotato files under “Documents and settings/All users/start Menu/program/clickpotato/etc..etc..

    Solution: The reason behind this is cuz I am using Windows Vista. Here the documents and settings are moved. To actually go to documents and settings in vista, you need to go to “Users”. Apparently it is the same as Documents and Settings for vista users. That is why I was getting “access denied” when I was trying to open that folder.

    Also another problem is opening the start menu under “User\All Users\”. This folder has been moved as well in vista. To go to this, I went to “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu”. here I was able to see the 3 files that needed to be deleted and I was able to delete here without a problem.

    Hopefully this should help others..

    Also, if someone can get back to my first 2 questions above will be very much appreciated!


  32. Cat

    ok I have read this whole page, all the comments and trials and errors, however I am still unable to unistall from my programs and features with Vista. I have located the three files and one did say uninstall but it was a link to the click potatoe site and I am not touching that with a ten foot pole!!! When I try and unistall I get an error message that I must be the administrator. I am the administrator, and logged out of the guest account. I did try it in the guest account by inputing my password and got the same error message. Unfortunately I am not a whiz with computers and am trying everything I have seen suggested. IF there are ANY other ways around this I would GREATLY appreciate an answer. Thanks so much in advance…before I chuck this laptop out the window!!!

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